Pink Eye

What You Need to Know About Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis, more commonly known as pink eye, is an infection or inflammation in the transparent membrane that lines the eyelid and covers the white part of your eye. This inflammation or infection usually causes the blood vessels in the eye to swell and appear to be red or pink, giving the condition its name. At Chapel Hill Ophthalmology, our doctors specialize in diagnosing conditions that affect the eyes, including pink eye.


What Causes Pink Eye?

Pink eye is most commonly caused by a virus, but it can also result from bacteria in the eye, allergies, a foreign object in the eye, or a chemical splash in the eye. A blocked tear duct can cause conjunctivitis in a newborn.

The Symptoms of Pink Eye

In addition to the red or pink tint in the eye, conjunctivitis can cause the eye to feel gritty or like there is a foreign object in the eye. Pink eye can also cause extra tearing and discharge from the eyes. Some pink eye patients find that the discharge forms a crust during the night, which makes it difficult to open their eyes in the morning. Our ophthalmologists in Chapel Hill can positively diagnose a case of pink eye.

Should I See an Eye Doctor for Conjunctivitis?

Pink eye can lead to inflammation in the cornea, which could affect vision. Our eye doctors at Chapel Hill Ophthalmology conducts eye exams that diagnose and treat pink eye to eliminate lasting effects. If your case of pink eye includes eye pain, puffy eyelids, blurred vision, or sensitivity to light, call our practice immediately.

Is Pink Eye Contagious?

Pink eye is extremely contagious and is spread through the tears of the infected eye as well as the eye and respiratory discharge. Patients with pink eye should keep hands away from their face and eyes and frequently wash their hands to help stop the spread of the infection. They should also stop wearing contact lenses at the first signs of symptoms and not share towels, pillowcases, and makeup with others. 

Don’t Spread Pink Eye --See Us for An Eye Exam and Treatment

If you need an ophthalmologist in Chapel Hill, our practice is here to serve all your vision needs. From eye exams to treatment of conditions like pink eye, our doctors at Chapel Hill Ophthalmology are experts in all your eye care needs. Call our office at (919) 942-8701 to schedule an appointment today. 


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