Lazy Eye

Just as people have dominant hands, we sometimes have a dominant eye. That means one eye does more work than the other, often without you even realizing it. The eye that does less work might suffer from amblyopia. That is the technical name for “lazy eye.” It refers to any condition in which a person has one dominant eye and one weaker eye. If your vision seems off and one eye might be dominant, you might suffer from lazy eye. An eye doctor with Chapel Hill Ophthalmology can diagnose and treat your condition.


What Causes Lazy Eye

Lazy eye mostly afflicts young children during their development years. In worse-case scenarios, the child develops double vision. Often times, the problem is the lazy eye simply has not developed well enough to match the normal eye. A child with “crossed eyes” shows signs of lazy eye when the afflicted eye does not align properly while looking straight ahead. The brain ignores the signals sent from that eye, which makes the problem worse. Many times, even corrective lenses will not help. Fortunately, your eye doctor can develop effective treatments to help overcome the effects of lazy eye.

How to Treat Lazy Eye

Like any condition, there are many ways to do lazy eye treatment. Something as simple as an eye patch over the good eye. An eye patch forces the brain to use the lazy eye more, which helps to strengthen it. Eye surgery also might help with the aid of corrective lenses. Done properly, lazy eye treatment can help your child overcome it and proceed with good vision. Adults also can benefit from treatment more tailored to those whose eyes have reached full development. A prosthetic contact lens and other innovative tools can help just about anyone overcome a lazy eye condition.

Get Lazy Eye Treatment

You don’t have to let amblyopia affect your vision. If you or someone you know suffers from a lazy eye condition, we can help. Just call our friendly professionals at Chapel Hill Ophthalmology. Our eye doctors will examine your eyes and assess the likeliest lazy eye treatment. That can help you gain an ideal vision that will continue staying improved throughout life. Once you overcome a lazy eye condition, it seldom returns. The corrective measures have lasting effects that give you a much better vision. It also helps to improve confidence at work and makes for a happier life in general.


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