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Myopia Control in Kids

Myopia is a medical condition in which the light entering the eye is not focused correctly on the retina. It causes distant objects to look blurry because the cornea has too much curvature for light rays that are parallel to focus on it. At Chapel Hill Ophthalmology, we can conduct an eye exam to determine if your child has myopia. And if they have it, our ophthalmologist in Chapel Hill, NC, can recommend the best solution for myopia control.

What Causes Myopia?

Researchers believe that myopia is caused by the eye not growing at the same rate as the rest of the body. This can be due to several factors, including genetic predisposition. Myopia tends to run in families. If your parents are myopic, there's a good chance you will be too. Being taller than average also seems to increase the risk of developing myopia.

Myopia Control in Kids

The good news is that there are ways to control your child's myopia. Our eye doctor will evaluate your child’s vision to determine whether or not your child’s difficulties are being caused by myopia and recommend the corresponding treatment. Potential treatment options include the following.


The simplest way to control myopia is with glasses. Glasses work by reducing the amount of blur that reaches the retina, which means that light entering the eye has less chance of being refracted improperly. This in turn causes light to focus on a point behind the retina, resulting in clearer vision.

Contact Lenses

Contacts are another option for myopia correction. Instead of using glasses to bend the light onto your child's retina at an angle that reduces their nearsightedness, contacts effectively shift the focal point of your child's eye from an area behind the retina to a more appropriate location.

Scientific Approach

Researchers have developed techniques that can alter the growth of your child's eye. Special contact lenses and eye drops can alter the growth of the eye and prevent myopia from worsening. Our ophthalmologist in Chapel Hill, NC will evaluate your child’s condition to determine if these solutions will be effective.

What Else Can You Do to Control Your Child's Myopia?

There are several things you can do at home to help reduce your child's nearsightedness. Have your child read from further away (at least 30 cm), and encourage them to spend time outside. This will allow your child to develop good coordination and reduce sole reliance on close vision.

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