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Things To Know Before You Go For LASIK Surgery

LASIK has changed eye care for the better by allowing people to see clearly despite various vision issues. We offer LASIK surgery at Chapel Hill Ophthalmology in Chapel Hill, NC. Our eye doctors have gathered some information about things you should expect regarding LASIK surgery.

Wear Glasses Before the Surgery

If you wear contact lenses, you probably do not notice that they change the shape of your corneas. You are too busy focusing on being able to see properly. It is smart to wear your glasses for several weeks before eye surgery to let your eyes return to their natural shape. Doing so gives the surgery its best chance for success. Swap your glasses for soft lenses 2 weeks before your surgery and stop wearing hard lenses 4 weeks before the surgery.

Avoid Cosmetics

Makeup, lotions, perfumes, and other cosmetics the day before your surgery can leave debris that makes the surgery and healing more difficult. Avoid cosmetics for 2 weeks after surgery as well.

LASIK Surgery is Quick

You might be surprised to learn that a surgery that can drastically improve your life only takes around 30 minutes. The process involves numbing your eyes with drops and cutting a small flap in the cornea. Then, the surgeon uses a laser to reshape your cornea.

Our eye doctor will instruct you to look at a light to keep your eye straight. This isn’t the laser. If you cannot focus on something for 60 seconds, LASIK eye surgery may not be right for you. At the conclusion, a shield fits over your eye to keep the flap in place. It is normal to have itching or burning and your eyes may water. Do not rub your eyes. Check-in with the eye doctor one or two days after the surgery and regularly during the first six months.

You May Still Need Glasses

While LASIK surgery often improves a patient's vision enough so that they do not need glasses or corrective lenses, this isn't always the case. Knowing this will prevent you from having unrealistic expectations after the eye surgery.

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