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Diabetic Retinopathy FAQ

If you are a diabetic or a pre-diabetic, you probably have a lot of questions about things you need to do and how diabetes can change your life. Diabetic retinopathy is a real concern. What could be more important than your vision? At Chapel Hill Ophthalmology in Chapel Hill, we provide medical, optical, and surgical eye care. Our eye doctors provide quality eye care for the entire family. We have gathered some of the common questions that we run into regarding diabetic retinopathy.

Does being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes put my eyes in danger?

In the simplest terms, yes it does. With diabetes, your body does not use and store sugar correctly. This affects the blood flow through your veins and capillaries. If your sugar level is high it can damage the blood flow to your retina. With diabetes, you can have damage to both of your eyes. The best thing you can do for the health of your eyes is to maintain a consistent blood sugar level.

What are the symptoms of diabetic retinopathy?

In the early stages of the disease, you may not notice any changes in your vision. That is what makes getting regular eye care so important. While you may not notice any changes in your eyesight, our eye care professionals can notice subtle changes in your eyes. Early detection is the best thing you can do for your eyes. The advanced symptoms you may suffer from include blurred vision, floaters, diminished color vision, empty or dark spots in your field of vision, and vision that wavers.

Can diabetic retinopathy be cured?

No, there is no cure for diabetic retinopathy, but that does not mean you are doomed to blindness or loss of vision. In the early stages, the damage is manageable and in later stages, there are surgical and laser treatments that have proven to be effective in controlling the progress of the disease.

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